Bekaert Specialty Films Australia  produces three types of films namely automotive films, architectural films and specialty films. To enhance the innovative technology solutions, Bekaert Specialty Films Australia makes use of the corporate research and development resources and offers facilities that meet high grade production standards. The benefits of the products are seen in commercial, residential and automotive fields.

Automotive films from Bekaert Specialty Films Australia are rated for high performance. They keep the vehicle cool and the passengers comfortable. The Solar Gard automotive films are used in most vehicles for their sun control effect. Recent studies show that about two million vehicles per year get tinted with Solar Gard.

The Solar Gard supreme series is most suited for optimum sun protection. Bekaert Specialty Films Australia’s New Supreme series is made with latest window film technology called non-metalising for colour stability. It also allows the use of cell phone and does not interfere with radiofrequency.

Bekaert Specialty Films Australia also produces non-reflective series of window films that suit cars with defroster-embedded diversity antenna unit. The non-reflective UV clear automotive window film offers 90 per cent light transmittance and also blocks 99 per cent ultraviolet radiation. The Ultra performance range of films by Bekaert Specialty Films Australia also protect car interiors by blocking 99 per cent harmful ultra violet rays and enabling the driver and passengers to travel in comfort.