Bekaert Specialty Films Australia  produces and supplies safety window films. Bekaert Specialty Films Australia supplies a wide range of sun control films, window films as well as specialty films. The specialty films company is subsidiary of the Bekaert Group of companies involved in producing metal transformation products and coating items. Established in 1880, Bekaert Specialty Films Australia currently has twenty distribution centers and independent installers covering sixty countries.

Bekaert Specialty Films Australia, the premier supplier of window film brands, offers well-known brands like Armorcoat, Solar Gard and Panorama. There are high quality window films for varied applications which are a specialty of Bekaert Specialty Films Australia. The sun control Solar Gard automotive films and architectural tinted window films are used worldwide for different applications.

The tinted window films from Bekaert Specialty Films Australia allow vehicle to maintain cool interiors, make offices energy-efficient and keep residences protected. The Solar Gard brand film offered by Bekaert Specialty Films Australia is multi-layered, optically clear and thin. It is retrofitted to the interior surface of glass coated with durable metals like chromium, aluminium, alloys, titanium, stainless steel, copper, gold, silver or inconel.

There are exceptional performance capabilities and colour acquired through different combinations of metals to produce Solar Gard. Protected with a scratch resistant coating, the Solar Gard is processed with state of the art equipment.