Roofix Australia offer a range of roof tiling services and advice regarding availability, colours and styles of terracotta or cement tiles. 

Roofix Australia can Re-bed & Re-point tile roofing. This secures the tile ridge capping along the edge of the roof with cement (bedding the ridge caps onto the tiles), while the re-pointing with the polymer cement (known as flexi point) topcoats and water proofs the cement bedding and holds it together. This gives the tile roof a neat, finished look. The flexi point comes in a variety of colours so that it can be matched to suit any tiles.
Roofix Australia's roof cleaning service is undertaken with a high pressure cleaner. This is used to remove any mould, dirt and debris, returning the original lustre and aesthetic appeal of the roof.
Re-glazing (terracotta tiles) at Roofix Australia is undertaken with Nu Tech Terra-Glaze paints. Re-glazing will bring life back into terracotta tiles making them shine.
Roof painting is available in a large array of colours allowing full individual choice. Painting a terracotta or cement tile roof extends the life of the roof by a minimum of 10 years (depending on the current condition of the roof).