Roofix Australia  specialises in energy efficient ceiling insulation. They offer a range of Australian Standards compliant insulation material, including

  • Autex – Green Stuf - non-allergenic and non-Irritant polyester
  • Autex – Quiet Stuf – improved sound blocking qualities
  • Knauf – Earth Wool – a recycled Glass Wool alternative 
  • Bradfords – Rock Wool – improved thermal resistance and sound blocking qualities
Installation of any of these materials will save hundreds of dollars in household energy bills.  They are a practical solution to the challenges posed by the extreme Australian climate.

Roofix Australia also prides itself on a non-invasive installation method, where batts are installed directly through the roof, rather than being brought in through the property’s interior.  This reduces the mess usually associated with this sort of installation.
As their installers are also experienced roofers, they will improve existing roof conditions.  Following installation of the ceiling insulation, they will replace any roof tile screws removed with new ones, realign and replace tiles and supply a roof condition report.