The ease at which metal can be shaped and sculpted offers a large variety in style and preference to suit every home. The team at Roofix Australia offer the supply, installation and repair of numerous metal wall and roof materials:

Colorbond - Painted metal sheets which come in a vast number of colours allowing colour coordination to suit any property style. The paint has heat reflective technology to help assist with the reduction of energy bills and carbon footprint.

Zincalume - Zincalume is a strong metallic mix of Zinc and Aluminium coated steel, a durable product that is favourable for the Australian climate. The galvanisation helps to prevent galvanic corrosion (specifically rusting) in the steel which can extend the life of the roof by more than three times longer than other galvanised steel.

Rhinezinc - This metal is dipped in a Zinc, Copper & Titanium mix, is very light and strong (yet soft and malleable to work with) and is often used to adorn walls in modern architecturally designed buildings.
Galvanised - The Zinc dipped steel appears to be shinier than Zincalume, however overtime it fades to a white powdery finish and is not recommended for coastal areas.
Stainless steel - Stainless steel box gutters are often installed in coastal areas or around airport’s (where rust is an issue) as it has a long lifespan.  

The team at Roofix Australia also install and repair copper roofing. Being the traditional metal that was used for all roof plumbing, when a property falls within a heritage listing compliance with the original specifications of the property where copper has been used, may be necessary.