Roofix Australia  carry out periodic roof system inspections, a process that ensures roofing systems provide their intended service life, while also reducing roof leaks and internal disruption.

Regular roof inspections are the key factor in any roof asset management program's success. Periodic visual inspections and repairs can significantly increase the service life to any roofing system and assembly.

Roofix Australia's qualified inspectors walk over the entire roof area photographing their observations and documenting them on a roof plan. They will then recommend maintenance procedures for the cited deficiencies and, if requested, will work with the roof's original contractors to affect repairs.

Roofix Australia alrady have an extensive database of projects that are automatically scheduled for visual inspections on a semi-annual or an annual basis. Their contract maintenance program helps protect businesses building assets including building structure and contents, all while extending the present roofs serviceable lifespan and lowering long term roof costs.