Rimex Metals  is specialised in producing surface finishes on metals and stainless steel. Rimex Metals offers coloured stainless steel in different finishes. The products from Rimex Metals Group are used in architectural, machinery, refrigeration, elevators, metal art and transport applications.

The patterned finishes offered by Rimex Metals vary in width, length and colour. The patterned and surface finishes provide insulation and dissipation advantage, strength and consistency to metals and are also used in the lighting industry.

The super mirror finish offered by Rimex Metals has reflective quality and is used to prepare food and for pedestrian use and ceiling purposes. Rimex Metals offers Rigi Tube which can be used as handrail and for other suitable purposes. ColourTex, which is coloured stainless steel, is used in construction, retail and for catering purposes and helps to avoid corrosive reaction of elements on buildings. Rimex Metals offers a variety of standard metal art finishes including designs like cubix, network, maze, frost, beehive, trellis, lock link, hydra, plasma, gems, crowns, tylex and scorpion to name a few. Granex finishes are offered in various colours including blue, red, green, gold, bronze and black.