Rimex Metals ' range of patterned, textured, embossed & coloured stainless steel finishes are becoming increasingly popular for external & internal building finishes. Rimex has always been well known as a solid-performing interior finish but is now being recognised as a unique, economical, corrosion-resistant & environmentally sound way to externally clad buildings.

The Rimex Metals surface finishes are functional in terms of damage resistance, aesthetics and fabrication. The patterns and some surface finishes disguise wear, tear and damage, whilst also acting as a deterrent to fingerprints and vandalism.

In use stainless steel is durable and requires a minimum of maintenance, outlasting many competing products and eliminating requirements for additional potentially hazardous materials such as paint, fire protective coatings, cleaners and solvents.

Many buildings around the world, such as the Empire State Building, Savoy Hotel and the Chrysler Building have utilised stainless steel with good results.

The advantages of stainless steel combined with the aesthetic beauty of Rimex Metals finishes make for a good looking, functional and damage resistant cladding alternative.