Rimex Metals  manufactures a range of patterned, textured and embossed stainless steel finishes for good looking, hygienic and damage resistant benches, bar tops and splashbacks.

The cleanability of textured stainless steel makes it a good choice in hospitals, domestic and commercial kitchens, and food and pharmaceutical processing facilities.

Splashbacks and/or sinks are often welded to the benchtop, eliminating areas for bacteria to build up, and greatly reducing the possibility of damage to cabinetwork underneath due to water leaks etc.

Your benchtops can be as expressive and individual as you are. Choose from a range of stainless textures and finishes to customise your benchtop to suit your creativity and needs.

Rimex has a network of quality fabricators throughout Australia, who specialise in textured stainless steel fabrication for all kitchen related applications.