Now you can keep track of all pest control information and detector systems over the Internet with a new service called PestNet, now introduced by Rentokil Pest Control .

“We have designed this service for organisations that are required to meet the most stringent OH&S and HACCP quality audit requirements,” General Manager, David Peterson says.

“It is ideally suited to food and pharmaceutical manufacturers, processors and distributors, for critical computer networks and IT equipment and exporters.”

PestNet allows the client total access and control of pest information via a secure Internet site at any time, night or day. Being on the Internet, it can be accessed anywhere and is linked to all the premises of the client, making it ideal for larger organisations with operations in different locations.

It provides the high level reporting, allowing clients to:

· Monitor the technologically advanced treatments carried out by Rentokil’s senior technicians

· Be pro-active in pest control, with detailed data capture and reporting

· Detect and analyse trends for all pest detectors and departments

· Instigate corrective action programs – meeting HACCP needs

· Directly access Rentokil Pest Control’s research and development website.

“We cannot eradicate pests completely, but PestNet is where the future of pest control is heading – sophisticated systems which will allow us to be completely in control and as pro-active as possible for those organisations with the highest commitment to clean and hygienic conditions for staff, customers, consumers and to meeting the most stringent requirements,” Peterson says.