Rentokil Pest Control has become one of the few companies to gain national endorsement from HACCP Australia Pty Ltd for pest control services and products provided to the food and beverage industries.

The National Technical Manager for Rentokil Pest Control, Mr Richard Doyle, announced that the endorsement was a tribute to the company’s existing systems and practices.

“Through the six month process our best practice systems already in place were recognized by HACCP and we required only very little change to our reporting methods to gain endorsement,” Doyle says.

Rentokil Pest Control’s operating procedures, chemicals, documentation and reporting systems were closely examined by HACCP personnel and found to be compliant with the requirements of a HACCP based food safety plan. Branches in all states were audited and training sessions were conducted for the Rentokil Pest Control technicians by HACCP so that they are now licensed under the HACCP program.

“Many major Australian companies are already using our Pestguard and internet-based PestNet services but now they have the reassurance that we meet the HACCP standards. Particularly for the food and beverage industry where HACCP – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points- are so critical to business operations, Rentokil Pest Control is now able to demonstrate its commitment even further to the stringent standards required,” Doyle says.

Rentokil Pest Control is one of the biggest providers of pest control services in Australia and worldwide. The company operates in all states and employs a team of over 200 people to manage, market and service pest control solutions.

The parent company, Rentokil Initial PLC, is one of the largest business services companies in the world, with some 90,000 employees across more than 40 countries.