Flies or other flying insects on the inside of a shop window – likely to put anyone off your products or have them question the hygiene standards of your business?

With the flying insect season coming on Rentokil Pest Control has now released Luminos Spyder to trap flying insects in shop windows and remove the problem.

“Flies and other insects are attracted to the light outside and fly to the windows. They will tend to drop to the bottom of the window to rest and that’s where Spyder takes control - it ‘swallows’ them,” the general manager of Rentokil Pest Control, David Peterson reports.

Spyder is essentially a sticky conveyor belt in a discreet channel along the base of the window and covered from outside browsers. The channel slot is narrow and the tape is dark in colour so that it is virtually impossible to see the trapped insects.

The adhesive tape is dispensed from a roll at one end and taken up by a battery powered drive unit at the other. The tape winds on 500cm every 3.5 days and encapsulates them when the tape winds on.

“Luminos Spyder was developed by our UK parent company and has proven extremely successful in the UK and Europe. It is ideally suited for any shop where food is displayed such as a butcher or deli, or simply where flying insects might detract from a window display,” Peterson says.

“Spyder is a very safe form of insect control as it greatly reduces the risks of contamination and cross-infection by eliminating any insect fallout and airborne particles produced by high voltage electrocution units.”

It only needs tape replacement once every three months and the drive unit battery lasts a year. A unit can be fitted to most window displays.

Research has shown that the most effective form of insect control within premises with windows is a combination of the Luminos Spyder and Luminos 3 wall mounted unit.

“If safety and image are important to your business, a Luminos system offers the ultimate solution,” Peterson says.