Pureheat Sales  stock a range of insect control products including Mo-el’s Turbine 306 air extraction insect trap. 

The Turbine 306 air extraction insect trap is the ultimate solution for controlling biting insect pests in large scale outdoor residential, commercial and agricultural applications. 

The air extraction insect trap consists of high out-put UV-A lamps, a suction fan and a capture bag. Insects are drawn to the UV-A lamps and are then further draw in by the suction fan which leads them into the capture bag from which they cannot escape. The insects then eventually die of dehydration from the continual airflow. 

Other key features and benefits of the Turbine 306 air extraction insect trap includes: 

  • no dangerous chemicals required to control pests 
  • no smelly odours produced 
  • no electric zapping required
  • when the capture bag is full, it can be simply removed, emptied and re-attached to the device 
  • has a IPx4 splash proof rating allowing the unit to be used in areas such as food production and hospitality 
  • complies with HACCP monitoring requirements
  • has an effective range of between 15-18 metre radius
  • has a large area attraction
  • non-corrosive housing 
  • has a safe and simple operation
  • consists of a lamp protection grill
  • can easily be fixed to a wall 
  • 2 year warranty 
  • dimensions are 407mm (width) x 356mm (depth) x 941mm (height)
Common applications for the Turbine 306 air extraction insect trap includes:
  • large outdoor residential spaces
  • food production
  • food handling 
  • outdoor hospitality 
  • farm operation
  • equestrian training facilities