Available from Pureheat Sales, Derby off-peak storage heatbank heaters provide an economical method of electric heating for the winter season.

Particularly suited to warming living rooms, hallways and bedrooms, heatbank heaters are also referred to as nightstore heaters. They take full advantage of lower electricity tariffs during off-peak times and store the heating for use during the day.

Distributed in Victoria by Pureheat Sales, Derby off-peak electric heatbanks are available in three models and a selection of wattages to suit various room sizes.

Heatbanks are ideally suited to residences that are fitted with the new time-of-use electricity smart meters as well as areas lacking natural gas reticulation. The heaters are the perfect choice for low-cost winter heating, and compliment the use of an evaporative cooling system for summer.

Off-Peak electric heatbank storage heaters can also be considered when wood or LPG heating becomes too costly or too time-consuming, especially in rural areas.

In a time of continuous electricity price increases, electric storage heatbanks also offer a great alternative to convection panel heaters during the peak consumption time between 4pm through to 11pm.

Heatbanks are available in wattages from 1.7kw through to 6.0kw and all models provide thermostat operation and input control for cost savings.

Pureheat can also provide room sizing and operating costs for those considering this economic heating option.