Australian manufacturer of electric heating systems, Pureheat, has released a new website tool for calculating electric heating running costs in most homes, the Room Heating Cost Calculator.

With the increasing concern about electricity tariffs, Pureheat’s new Room Heating Cost Calculator provides the answers to electric heating running cost in homes. Consumers can now use the new calculation tool get an estimated electric heating cost per room by entering relatively simple data.

By entering the room type, size, hours and days of operation, and the Kw/Hr energy cost from the electricity account, the calculator will not only provide the estimated electric heating running cost per room, but also recommend the Pureheat heater range to match the room type and area size, such as the new Odyssey Eco fan panel heater, designed to economically heat rooms to 45m² of floor space.

This information is critical to ensure the chosen heating system runs on the economical thermostat control supplied in all Pureheat heater models.

As well as residential homes, the Pureheat Room Heating Cost Calculator can also be used for commercial and institutional applications such as offices and schools.

Conveniently located on the Pureheat website homepage, the new Room Heating Cost Calculator will provide the heating costs answers required, regardless of which rooms are being considered for electric heating.