Pureheat Sales  were recently selected by The Cullen Hotel in Prahran Melbourne to supply Girosole outdoor electric infrared heaters to provide warmth for patrons and save money on running older LPG gas heaters.

The Cullen Hotel selected Pureheat’s pendant mount Girosole 3600 watt electric infrared heaters for their alfresco space to help reduce operating expense. The outdoor electric infrared heaters are ceiling mount units and ensure customer safety and reduce clutter in the outdoor area.

Girosole electric outdoor heaters are IP65 waterproof rated, provides optimum safety in the unlikely event of rainwater splashes contacting the elements. The hotel is also considering using PIR sensors which will further help to save money by ensuring the heaters only operate when someone is in their vicinity.

Pureheat’s Girosole outdoor infrared electric heaters are ideal as a safe, economical replacement for the gas patio heaters often used in hotel, club and hospitality venues. A major NSW club in Mittagong which installed Girosole outdoor electric infrared heaters for optimum outdoor patron comfort is already saving more than $600 per month in gas bottle costs and replacement expenses.

Girosole outdoor infrared electric heaters provide instant warmth and are safe for exterior and interior applications. The heating units are rated at 3600 watts, comprising 3 x 1200 watt elements and are available in either pole or pendant mounting.