Setting the scene, the tone and the ambience of a room is exciting and challenging. A floor can add warmth, clarity, elegance, order and dimension. In recent years concrete has increasingly become the material of choice for many floors, emulating classic style or contemporary elegance and sophistication. A look designers and decorators are aspiring to achieve.

The smooth high-lustre floors can be polished to expose aggregate and/or stained to replicate the look of polished stone. Polished concrete opens up an array of design opportunities, providing a creative alternative to new or tired concrete. Polished Concrete offers:

- Superior Durability and Performance - Low Cost - Seamless - Low Maintenance - Hygienic

Pro Grind is a leading edge, dust-free concrete management and architectural concrete company offering years of expertise in the field of polished concrete. Several of our exemplary polished concrete projects in the past have included Ballarat Fine Arts Gallery, No.1 Queens Road Melbourne, South Morang Shopping Centre. We are committed to providing creative, professional, cost effective and efficient solutions for your flooring needs. Perfect for: Warehouses, Showrooms, Restaurant floors, Retail space and more.

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