Concrete flooring is an excellent choice for the construction of both commercial and domestic buildings that have a need to incorporate passive fire protection. Pro Grind offers a range of attractive and eco-friendly concrete flooring solutions, that also function as built in fire protection.

The BAL guidelines on appropriate building materials in bushfire prone areas states that concrete can be used at all BAL levels, due to its fire resistant properties. By installing a beautiful polished concrete floor by Pro Grind there is now need to compromise on either style or resistance to fire.

Concrete is an ideal fire protection flooring solution for a variety of reasons including:

  • concrete is not flammable and so doesn’t feed any fire,
  • it is highly resistant to fire and therefore prevents fire from spreading,
  • it can resist extremely high temperatures meaning less risk of structural collapse and easier to repair,
  • water used to quench fires will have no adverse effects on the concrete,
  • it facilitates fire fighting, and
  • non-toxic and restrictive so will produce no dangerous fumes in a fire and will prevent other toxic fumes from escaping to harm people or the environment
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