Pro Grind  Australia has recently completed the installation of new mechanically polished concrete floors into three existing KMART stores.  

The polished concrete flooring will enable an estimated 40% reduction in maintenance costs over ten years for these stores while providing a new, clean and high spec look.  

Pro Grind was able to bag the flooring project at the KMART stores thanks to their unique floor installation process that allowed continuous store operation, their national delivery capacity as well as their successful track record in retail environments.  

Pro Grind’s polished concrete floors replaced the existing Ashford Formula floors, a flooring surface with high monthly maintenance expenses and lifecycle costs. In addition to impacting the aesthetics and cleanliness of the store, the existing floor also had a negative effect on the overall store appearance.  

A key advantage of Pro Grind mechanically polished concrete flooring is that it is instantly trafficable. The works were completed at night and stock replaced immediately to facilitate store trading the next morning.    

Each of the new KMART stores was approximately 2,500m² in area, making this project the largest individual refurbishment store project undertaken by the Pro Grind team.  

Pro Grind began their work by installing the concrete floor at KMART Salamander Bay. Completed 10 days ahead of the project deadline, the installation did not in any way interfere with the general operation of the store.  

This was followed by the installation of mechanically polished concrete floors at the Port Lincoln and Innisfail KMART stores.  

Initial feedback received from KMART mentions ease of floor maintenance and cleanliness of the new flooring system as the positives.  

The new Pro Grind MPC floors also deliver environmental benefits for KMART by scoring a full five points on the Green Star rating. The floors harness the thermal mass properties of concrete, reducing heating costs in winter and air conditioning costs in summer, as well as enhancing the existing store lighting with a reflective surface.