PracticaMMC Pty Ltd – Masterwall and Masterfloor has recently introduced a new range of MasterWall external cladding systems.  

The MasterWall K-Series external cladding systems include products sourced from Kingspan, Europe's leading high performance insulation manufacturer.  

Similar to the MasterWall wall systems used in residential developments, the MasterWall K-Series external cladding systems address the needs of commercial projects and customers in the residential market seeking high thermal and fire performance. The K-Series is based on Kingspan's super high performance phenolic boards.  

MasterWall K-Series external cladding systems include:

  • Kooltherm K5 external wall boards with high cladding insulation properties 
  • Kooltherm K10 insulation for concrete soffits 
  • Kooltherm K15 insulation for use behind rainscreen cladding systems 
K-Series Kooltherm K5 is currently undergoing a variety of tests to meet compliance requirements within the BCA. All testing results along with an engineer’s report, K-Series K5 Specification Guide, Construction Details and CodeMark Accreditation on the product itself will allow the company to achieve a Building Commission Accreditation for the K-Series Kooltherm K5 EIF System.

Testing completed to date: 

  • Static wind pressure: Category N4 achieved 
  • Water pressure test: Passed @N4 (3KPA) 
  • Bushfire Attack Level pilot testing: BAL 40 achieved 
  • Early Fire Hazard 1530.3 completed: Zero spread of flame 
  • CodeMark thermal performance 
  • Class I 
Fire performance

Results from the pilot testing for the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) are positive and Kooltherm K5 will be one of the earliest EIF systems in Australia to achieve such a rating.

Current products on the market to achieve BAL 40 rating are masonry-based products that are heavy at up to 90kg per panel, making installation cumbersome and slow. A 50mm K5 system rates at R2.8, installed without the use of insulation in the frame cavity.