PracticaMMC Pty Ltd – Masterwall and Masterfloor presents the MasterWall EFIS insulation for thermal and acoustic applications.

The MasterWall EFIS insulations are flexible with fully recyclable polystyrene panels and have a choice of R ratings up to 3.0 and higher. They are also light in weight, which helps reduce risks of injury during installation.

The polystyrene used has been enhanced by construction methods and offers the potential to vary thermal insulation depending on the thermal requirements of a particular wall.

The MasterWall EFIS’ polystyrene cladding systems are butt jointed to help eliminate thermal transfer or heat leakage, which typically occurs at the studs in a batt insulated stud wall.

When combined with the building’s structure and design, the MasterWall EFIS can be tailored to offer acoustic insulation close to that of brick. It can also be further enhanced by the use of appropriate materials.

The lightweight panels used in the MasterWall EFIS installation are recyclable, CFC-free and does not require special personal protective clothing or equipment in its handling.

For more information on the Masterwall EFIS insulation, visit PracticalMMC – Masterwall and Masterfloor’s website.