MasterWall  EIFS accessories have been sourced from EIFS products around the world. These products have been proven and tested over time to perform at their optimum when used in a barrier EIF System.

The new additions to the range of EIFS accessories include:

Protecto Tape

Protecto Tape is an advanced waterproof membrane that makes architectural design features possible by eliminating unsightly flashings and metal cappings, providing the freedom to design a continuous render finish. This gives the home owner an assurance of total weather proof detailing in parapets, balustrades and fixing blocks where an uninterrupted monolithic finish is desired.

Protecto Tape is a black, self-adhering, conformable, modified SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) rubberised asphalt tape, with a white polyester bonding layer laminated to the topside of the tape. Used in conjunction with a Protecto water-based primer, Protecto Tape bonds strongly to MasterWall panels, timber, masonry construction and fibre cement sheeting.

Application is easy and ensures quick weather proofing of the exterior cladding prior to rendering. Once installed the polyester bonding surface layer allows any render or texture system to be applied, thus achieving a concealed weather tight flashing which protects horizontal surfaces and timber fixing plates from water penetration.

Tested and proven, Protecto Tapes’ flexible composition assures lasting protection to the building fabric without failure. This product helps to achieve the kind of architectural designs with modern methods of construction.

Alloy Render External Corners

MasterWall alloy render external corners are quality render trims allowing ease of render application. Featuring European design and proven over many years of use in exterior render systems enduring harsh conditions, alloy render trims will not rust or fail.

Render adhesion to MasterWall alloy external corners is superior to that of PVC and stainless steel corners and has no chance of rusting such as coated galvanised externals.
MasterWall’s pre-meshed and expanded alloy external corners are of unique design to ensure true render-lock externals.

MasterWalls pre-meshed corner is designed to embed completely into the render system and therefore cannot easily be dislodged once locked into the render. This is achieved by having a band of quality grade mesh attached over the outside face of the angle. The MasterWall expanded alloy corner has expanded lathe sides to allow good embedding of the render to ensure a firmly secured angle. Both allow ease of use and are proven to stand the test of time with out the threat of rust or cracking.

Styrowedges and Aztec Fasteners

Styrowedges and Aztec fasteners provide a complete solution to the problem of fixing objects to the face of the E.I.F.S. façade. Each capable of holding up to 18kg in weight, they can be used to secure such things as light fittings, downpipes and even appliances to the outside of the MasterWall system. Installed either before the final coat of render or once the coatings are completed, Styrowedges and Aztec fasteners complete the E.I.F. System.

MasterWall Foam Flex

MasterWall Foam Flex, high quality polyurethane expansion foam, which when cured remains fully flexible to endure movement found within modern building structures. This sealant offers an impressive 30% flexibility, hence ideal in weather proofing decking penetrations, plumbing and ducting vents. This European product contains double the material by volume of many similar products found on the market today.