Phase Changer  is one of the leading suppliers of phase powered machines. Phase Changer offers three phase converter, which transforms 240 volt or 480 volt single phase supply into 415 volt three phase output. This arrangement is like a utility three phase supply. Phase Changer provides this system that can operate any three phase equipment efficiently. All the products from Phase Changer have been verified to meet the rigorous safety and EMC standards for the EU.

Additionally, Phase Changer supplies systems that offer services as per any typical Australian voltages of 415 volt three phase and 240 volt single phase. Also, these converters from Phase Changer are apt for 230 volt / 400 volt and 220 volt / 380 volt supplies. With ample single phase power availability, Phase Changer offers clients with three phase converter solution, which can supply power to any three phase machine.

Further, Phase Changer provides three phase converters for all the equipment that require three phase power like welders, compressors, pumps, work shop equipment, air conditioners, computer controlled machines and more. Even hard to start loads can start off and run with power solution from Phase Changer. All the three phase converter and power solution offered by Phase Changer are cost effective when compared to utility power supply.