Phase Changer have manufactured a range of converters which are designed to decrease power bills and balance the incoming power supply factor. PC4 power converters feature micro-controller technology and a proven rotary converter principle to provide highly reliable, efficient and quality power.

PC4 features include:

  • Auto hard start and boost
  • Multi motor and electronic loads
  • Nine stage voltage control and boost
  • Total output of 4kw per 5.5hp
  • 240v input
  • 480v input
  • Internal pilot motor position
  • Max starting load and running load of 4kw per 5.5hp
  • Supply circuit breaker/fuse current at 240 per 480v is 20A per 10A

PC4 power converters have a plug in to socket out design and use a single phase outlet. A micro-controlled 9 stage automatic output voltage with balance control enables stable voltages over a full load range, and a solid state capacitor means there are no ongoing maintenance issues.

In addition, the converters feature an Australian design and high quality Chinese and Australia manufacturing, feature a 3 year guarantee, and provide 95% efficiency. They are much lower in cost when compared to standards utility 3 phase connectors, and are virtually maintenance free.