Phase Changer  offers gamut of converters to suit individual specifications of the clients. For converters to 4 kilo watt, Phase Changer provides range of multistage controller or an alternative single stage controller. All the products from Phase Changer are designed in Australia and manufactured in Australia and China and extends three Year guarantee. These products from Phase Changer are apt for 2.2 kilo watt to 37 kilo watt and ideal for multi-load applications.

Some of the other features of converters supplied by Phase Changer include balance control for stable voltages, micro-controlled 9 stage automatic output voltage, high power switches, delayed output / load contactor standard, 95 per cent efficiency, automatic hard start and boost standard and more. Also, Phase Changer offers Phase-Changer 18 machine, which supplies three phase power to run an olive processing plant. These machines from Phase Changer are even provided with centrifuge motor for oil separation.

Additionally, Phase Changer extends assortment of machines like PC11 – wood working machines, PC8 - metal fabrication and engineering workshop, PC 3 - ice cream mixer and compressor, Phase-Changer 30 - dairy farm refrigeration and circulation pumps, PC8 - welder and punch and shear, computerized knitting machine with neutral balancing transformer and more.