P.R. King & Sons have designed and manufactured stylish and practical stair lifts which combine superb workmanship, high quality materials and a reliable transport solution for the disabled and elderly. Stannah curved electric stair lifts are ideal for multi storey homes and buildings and eradicate the need for space consuming ramps.

Stannah lifts are discreet when not in use, can be installed indoors or outdoors, and have a number of safety features. Remote control operation and light touch control panels make operation simple, and the electric stair lifts can even be installed on difficult curved staircases.

A key switch can immobilise the stair lift which is ideal for situations when young children a present. Stannah curved electric stair lifts will stop automatically if obstructed by a person or object to prevent damage to the product or the user. The seatbelt is secure and can be fastened and unfastened with just one hand.

Other features include:

  • Secured to the stairs not the wall so no structural damage
  • Wide range of coloured finishes to complement existing décor
  • Ergonomically designed chair
  • Easy to enter and exit from
  • Remote operation when not in seat
  • One step folding prevents the risk of back injury