P.R. King & Sons have designed and manufactured specialist lifts which are completely self contained and have a vertical platform. Genesis Enclosure platform lifts are ideal for residential or commercial purposes, as a solution to access problems for the disabled and elderly. The lifts aim to provide simple and safe travel between multi storey buildings and include a drive mast, passenger platform, doors and factory manufactured walls that enclose the lift.

Genesis Enclosure platform lifts have a lifting capacity of 340 kilograms, have 90, 180 and 360 entry/exit configurations, are 4343 millimetres in size, and can be programmed to make two or three stops. Other features include enclosed panels and frames, interlocking doors, Leadscrew or hydraulic drive systems and much more.

An extensive range of optional extras are available to compliment the Genesis Enclosure platform lifts including:

  • Offset D handle
  • Arrival gong and platform sidewall mounted digital floor display
  • Battery powered emergency lowering
  • Auxiliary powered drive
  • Three stop unit
  • Folding seat
  • Autodialer phone
  • Platform controls
  • Attendant call
  • Call station controls
  • Fan and ventilation system
  • Sloped roof plexiglass dome
  • Garaventa power door operator
  • Door and gates
  • Custom colours and exotic finishes
  • Stainless steel panel finishes
  • Full time battery operation