P.R. King & Sons have designed and manufactured inclined lifts which eliminate the need to climb steep steps in residential and commercial applications. Inclinator single rail lifts are built to Australian Standards AS1735 and have been approved by all lift authorities in Australia.

Inclinator single rail lifts are manufactured with a high level of workmanship, quality parts and a sturdy design, providing customers with a safe and reliable means of transport. They are ideal for units, flats and multi storey homes and have an automatic stopping feature up to six levels.

Features include:

  • Custom manufacturing to suit individual project specifications
  • Personal service representative to meet requirements
  • Can support goods and people
  • Concrete foundations and treated steel rails to ensure strength and longevity
  • Safety devices include brake motor, automatic over speed governor and combined safety gears
  • Smooth and simple operation

The Inclinator single rail lifts is designed for indoor and outdoor use, can carry a maximum of four passengers and a rated load of 272 kilograms. The drive type is a rack and pinion with variable speed controller and uses a dedicated 240V single phase power supply. The platform size is 1200 millimetres long by 800 millimetres wide and the drive motor rating is 2.2kW.