The Ozzi Kleen household sewage treatment system offers a lightweight single tank solution for steep house blocks and hard-to-access locations.

Homes in residential housing areas not connected to the sewer are required to have a household sewage treatment plant (HSTP) on-site to deal with daily wastewater produced in the house from toilets, showers, kitchen, laundry and basins.

While homeowners still have the option of the old concrete tank septic treatment plant, its less-than-efficient septic or anaerobic treatment process often involves one or two large heavy tanks, which can be impossible to get onsite when there is an existing house in place, the access is limited, or the ground is wet and unstable.

Homeowners can now install Ozzi Kleen’s aerobic sewage treatment systems (ATU) to safely reuse all the wastewater generated in their homes within their gardens and lawns through surface or sub-surface irrigation.

The Ozzi Kleen Home Sewage Treatment System (HSTP) is the preferred product among many builders, plumbers and trades people as it is easy and cost-effective to install in most locations including tricky situations such as steep house blocks or properties with limited access.

The Ozzi Kleen single poly tank home sewerage system does not need a crane truck to install, unlike conventional concrete septic tank systems.

Designed, owned and made in Australia, the Ozzi Kleen home sewerage system is one of the best on the market for reliability, cost and performance.