Ozzi Kleen was engaged by QCV Pty Ltd to provide a sewage treatment plant for its mining accommodation village in Sarina, Queensland.

In July 2013, Ozzi Kleen installed and commissioned a custom designed Containerised Sewage Treatment System (SC825) to process up to 165,000 litres per day.

The project involved a two-stage development process with the first stage meeting a peak accommodation occupancy level of 402 persons. Stage 1 covered 49 blocks of 2 x 3 bed accommodation buildings and 9 blocks of 4 x 3 accommodation buildings. Stage 1 development also included an office block and ancillary facilities such as kitchen, dining, laundry and recreation.

Stage 2 of the project proposal involved expansion of the Stage 1 infrastructure to include an additional 198 rooms consisting of a block of 2 x 3 bed accommodation and 16 buildings with 4 x 3 accommodation buildings.

Although the infrastructure and wastewater generation rate would be via the two stages of development, the wastewater treatment and treated water handling was developed for the full stage loading, Stage 1 and Stage 2 combined.

The wastewater treatment system was designed to accommodate 600 persons and the wastewater load generated by the Site Offices, estimated at a peak of 140 persons.

The effluent output was designed to an advanced level allowing for irrigation to the Sarina Golf Course adjoining the QCV Sarina Project.