Water is such a precious natural resource. In a dry continent such as Australia, it's important to become more aware of the importance of water and the associated costs that comes with excessive water usage.

Implementing greywater treatment and recycling systems is one solution, however, rainwater harvesting is also an effective alternative to reusing recycled water.

There are various benefits of installing an effective rainwater harvesting tank to residential or commercial buildings.

Recent examples where rainwater harvesting systems were integrated into commercial projects:
  • Erina Fair Shopping Centre NSW recently installed a new water management system which will potentially save 18 million litres of water a year. A new system will harvest rainwater from the roof which will be saved and used to supply non-potable water to cooling towers, car wash and toilets
  • New generation library at Deakin University was refurbished to include environmental initiatives such as energy saving devices and rainwater harvesting systems
  • Green Square mixed-use office and affordable housing development in Brisbane have incorporated rainwater harvesting systems as part of its ebergy and water saving efforts
  • Metronode VIC has installed an on-site rain water retention and harvesting system as part of its power efficient data centre development
A non-profit organisation such as the Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia (RHAA) assist manufacturers and other plumbing industry stakeholders in promoting the benefits of rainwater and reused water. The RHAA can help and encourage architects, designers and specifiers to adopt rainwater systems and its usage across Australia.

According to Ozzi Kleen , their above ground rainwater harvesting tanks can save 30-40% of your mains water consumption. What's more, it is an effective alternative to heavy lime leaching concrete tank or iron rank which are susceptible to rust.

Why choose an above ground rainwater harvesting tank?
  • UV resistant, food-grade roto-moulded poly tank
  • choose from slimline styles and a range of colours
  • lightweight which can easily be lifted into place
  • Australian Standards tested and approved
Ozzi Kleen also offer their underground or below ground rainwater tanks which can be used for flushing toilets and watering gardens. As the unit is installed underground, you can reclaim your ground space or maintain an uncluttered area.

The water can be used to supply water for various applications including toilets, laundry, garden watering, washing cars and connecting to external taps.

With the increasing costs of using potable water, why not cut costs and save on your mains water consumption today?