As water resources deplete and the demand for water rises, India faces a desperate water shortage. Ozzi Kleen joined a water and waste water mission to India recently which was organised by Trade and Investment Queensland.

Ozzi Kleen participated in this trade mission to gain an understanding of the needs of the Indian market as well as identify key industry stakeholders and meet potential joint venture partners.The trade mission visited several Indian cities including Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Ozzi Kleen met with the Confederation of Indian Industry as well as the Indian Green Building Council and local government authorities and industry water associations.

Ozzi Kleen also identified that water reuse and discharge awareness in India is increasing and as such this would be a great opportunity to enter the Indian waster water market and introduce innovative technologies.

The key drivers for growth are:

  • Quickly expanding population
  • Industrial sector growth
  • Limited water availability, meaning users reuse and recycle water
  • Decreasing water quality and users having to go for ground water
  • Environmental pressures on waste water discharge from government