In a sun protection guideSkin Cancer and Outdoor Work: A Guide for Employers, the Cancer Council Australia have identified occupations that are at risk due to outdoor nature of the work.

Without the necessary sun protection measures, these outdoor workers put themselves are at a high risk of developing skin cancer:
  • building and construction workers
  • telecommunications and utilities workers
  • swimming pool and beach lifeguards
  • police and traffic officers
  • agricultural, farming and horticultural workers
  • landscape and gardening workers
  • fisheries workers
  • road workers
  • municipal employees
  • postal workers
  • dockyard, port and harbour workers
  • catering workers
  • outdoor events workers
  • physical education teachers and outdoor sports coaches
  • surveyors
  • forestry and logging workers
  • ski instructors and lift operators
  • mining and earth resources workers
  • taxi, bus and truck drivers and delivery and courier services
  • labour hire company workers
According to Cancer Council Australia, outdoor workers are exposed to sun for extended periods of time and receive more UV radiation than people who work indoors. 

So what can employers do to reduce the amount of time outdoor workers spend in the sun?

One of the most simple solutions is to provide appropriate shaded areas where possible.

The Council recommends some steps to protect workers against sun damage where sunshades are concerned:
  • Work and take breaks in the shade. Where no shade exists, use temporary portable shade.
  • Plan to work indoors or in the shade during the middle of the day when UV radiation levels are strongest.
  • Plan to do outdoor work tasks early in the morning or later in the afternoon when UV radiation levels are lower.
  • Share outdoor tasks and rotate staff so the same person is not always out in the sun.
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