Ozsun Shade Systems  awning's over a window or a patio provides shade without shutting out the view.

A retractable folding arm awning transforms the outdoor entertainment area instantly. No intrusive posts are required as the cloth is supported on spring loaded arms. Ozsun Shade Systems retractable awnings give you full control. If the sun gets too hot you can unroll the awning to provide instant protection and shade. In addition an optional sun and wind sensor system can automatically extend the awning when the sun is out and retract it in windy conditions.
Benefits of an Ozsun Shade Systems shade awning include:

  • Awnings keep temperatures cooler inside and help reduce electricity bills by up to 25% if you run air conditioning
  • An awning can provide shade without shutting out the view
  • Awnings protect floor coverings and furniture from fading in sunlight
  • Awnings are environmentally neutral way to cool your home
  • An awning can give excellent privacy when required
  • An awning can add value to your property
  • Awnings can turn terraces and balconies into open air attractive, extra rooms
  • Awnings provide a sheltered place for children and pets to play, shielded from harmful direct sun exposure