Buildings are designed and constructed with focus on providing large living spaces. Consequently, less importance is given to storage spaces. OUT'A SPACE Storage Solutions provides users with innovative designs and applications to overcome problems of limited storage space.

OUT'A SPACE Storage Solutions offers self storage products like the space box which is an over-car-bonnet security unit that can be installed in the existing space. This secure, lightweight and durable storage product from OUT'A SPACE Storage Solutions can be used in most standard garages and underground car parking areas. This space box can store items such as, golf clubs, bike tools and sporting equipment.

Another product from OUT'A SPACE Storage Solutions is 'THE MEZ'. It is an over-car-bonnet platform unit. The MEZ is an innovative storage product and is commonly used in villas, carports and commercial premises. The installation process is quite simple for these products. OUT'A SPACE Storage Solutions also provides shelving solutions for garages, kitchens, wardrobes, bedrooms and study rooms. These shelves are lightweight and easy to install.

OUT'A SPACE Storage Solutions undertakes delivery and installation of these innovative storage products. OUT'A SPACE Storage Solutions consultants will view the area for installing the storage product after an enquiry is received from a potential customer. After this, the product is delivered in a special modified vehicle. OUT'A SPACE Storage Solutions products provide asthetic looks and increase the value & functionality of the asset.