Put it all in The BoxInfolink e-newsletter 7 April 2005

A storage specialist company has come up with a unique solution to clear personal clutter from car parks by storing items in an over-bonnet unit called The Box.

Space Storage Solutions , which distributes the storage product, says that The Box is an over-car-bonnet security unit, with three cubic metres of storage space, which is installed in existing or new basement car-park spaces.

The company’s product addresses the problem of living space in high/medium density housing getting larger and storage space getting smaller. Employment and lifestyle mobility are creating increasing demand for storage with people simply running out of space.

A major benefit of The Box is that it can be used to overcome council imposed onsite storage regulations, and in doing so, will create a major point of competitive difference in new developments. This is in addition to the obvious improvement in the aesthetic appeal of the building facilities.

Space Storage Solutions also suggests that The Box can create additional revenue earning capacity with possible rental opportunities.

The product is manufactured from commercial grade aluminium, is lightweight, strong and totally secure. Its dimensions are 2.4m x 1.2m x 1.05m, with a storage volume of 3.1 cubic metres.

For larger vehicles, The Box obliges with adjustable legs as the height is adjusted according to vehicle type. It has applications in units, town houses, villas, car ports and commercial car-parks.

Special prices and innovative financial solutions are available for multi-unit installations.

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