Out’A Space Storage Solutions has recently introduced a new product to its range of storage solutions - floor level lockable storage unit.

Out’A Space Storage Solutions Director Brett McCracken said that the units are 100% Australian made and that each unit provides 3.1 cubic metres of storage.

Floor level lockable storage unit has a full length door which almost opens vertical with the assistance of gas struts.

Floor level lockable storage unit also has screw adjustable feet and are constructed of strong lightweight and long lasting aluminium.

“This customer was fitting out their new purpose built factory/warehouse in Western Sydney and required a storage solution to securely hold sales/marketing material, product samples and document storage.” Brett added “Having it all in one easy to access location was not only convenient and saved time, but made the work place safer.”

Brett said “These storage units are not only suitable for factories and warehouses; they could also be used for storage in apartments buildings where space is at a premium.”