Storing corporate documents is a necessity, and Space Storage Solutions thinks it has come up with a solution that removes the costs and inconvenience of self storage.

Most companies without adequate on-site capacity utilise a traditional self-storage facility with all the costs and inconvenience that goes with that. Such as, having to leave the workplace, probably having to drive, to track down a document.

The question asked by Space Storage Solutions is: why use off-site storage in expensive self-storage facilities when an on-site solution exists, using space that already exists?

The Space Box from Space Storage Solutions allows on-site storage simply using car park space in a basement car park spot, currently unused. ie at the end of designated car spots over-car-bonnet.

The Space Box is manufactured completely from aluminium, making for a consistent look, total security and offering three cubic metres of storage space. Space Storage argues that by using the Space Box, there is no more need to leave the workplace to retrieve paperwork. Rather, just visit the car park.

The Space Box is installed with minimal impact on the building and no impact on other car park users.

Taking into account capital use requirements, the Space Box can be purchased, leased or rented.