Nu-Wall is a wall cladding product especially for exteriors, from Nu-Wall Australia. Nu-Wall from Nu-Wall Australia comprises of a system of extruded aluminium profiles.

There are twelve attractive main visible profiles of Nu-Wall from Nu-Wall Australia which are complemented by several ancillary sections which serve as a common system for fixing of the product as well as for flashing of details of corners, joints etc. The Nu-Wall profiles are supplied in a pre-finished form and are available in a wide range of colours. Thus, there is no necessity for painting after installation, and the the requirement for ongoing maintenance is also minimised. The use of highly durable powdercoats or thick-film anodising enables Nu-Wall wall cladding from Nu-Wall Australia remain attractive and durable over long period of time, even in coastal situations. Nu-Wall extruded cladding from Nu-Wall Australia is extremely robust and displays resistantance to impact damage. Furthermore, as Nu-Wall extruded cladding from Nu-Wall Australia is made of aluminium, will not rot, rust or crack and distort or become brittle due to UV degradation.