Nu-Wall Australia introduces the Flashman window and door flashings.

Tested in rain and wind speeds of 232 Kph, the Flashman flashing systems are specified extensively on projects for remediation of leaky buildings throughout New Zealand.

As identified by the Department of Building and Housing, 50% of leaks in leaky homes occur at the window and door to cladding junctions. Therefore, windows and doors necessitate penetrations through the cladding envelope, and it is these areas which pose the biggest potential risk for water ingress to the building structure.

These flashings achieve weather tightness at the window and door penetrations independently of either the cladding or joinery elements which  can be installed with confidence that absolute weather tightness is provided by these flashing systems.

The Flashman flashing systems are always installed by their own distributors or installers who provide a 10 year Installation guaranty, 15 year product warranty, and a producer statement for the consenting authority.