Nu-Wall extruded cladding from Nu-Wall Australia was developed initially as a low-maintenance alternative to timber weatherboards. This product has been available to the construction industry for more than twenty years.

Recently several exciting, contemporary profiles have been included with the range of Nu-Wall extruded cladding from Nu-Wall Australia. This has aroused a great deal of interest among building project developers and consumers contemplating renovation or new projects.

Installation of Nu-Wall extruded cladding from Nu-Wall Australia is a straightforward process and involves no specialist processes. At any stage of a project, Nu-Wall Australia can provide an estimate of the cost of the Nu-Wall cladding specified. Nu-Wall Australia specifies that to make use of the estimation services it renders, plans can be forwarded as hardcopy or as CAD files on email or CD media.

All Nu-Wall cladding products from Nu-Wall Australia use a common system of components and ancillary extrusions. Nu-Wall claddings are generally suitable for both residential and commercial applications. However certain claddings are more suitable for use on commercial projects.