Nekeema Australia Pty Ltd  is the authorised Chromagen dealer for the South Coast and Illawarra region, dealing in solar hot water systems, PV solar power systems and air source heat pumps.

Solar Hot Water

Chromagen is a specialist provider of solar hot water systems since 1962 and has served over a million satisfied customers worldwide. Their engineers have developed state-of-the-art systems designed to maximise absorption of solar energy, especially in low sunshine countries such as Europe and North America.

Chromagen solar hot water systems incorporate solar panels with an all-copper design. Copper is not only a superior conductor of heat, it is also a durable material. Chromagen solar water heaters can meet up to 90% of a home’s hot water requirements.

Chromagen solar hot water range:

  • Chromagen SmartLine
  • Chromagen SplitLine (Low Line)
  • Chromagen Roofline (High Line)
PV Solar Power

Solar panels generate electricity using the photovoltaic (PV) effect. The solar panels are fitted to a home’s roof and convert sunlight into electricity. This electricity generated by the solar panels is fed through an inverter directly to the house and through a meter into the grid. Electricity fed into the grid is bought by the electricity retailer at their agreed feed-in tariff, effectively transforming the home into a mini power station.

Chromagen offers solar panels in five system capacities ranging from 1.5kW to 5kW.

Air source heat pump

Heat pumps heat water by harvesting the free energy from the ambient environment. Heat pumps utilise an ingenious technology to efficiently transfer thermal energy directly from the surrounding air, without any reliance on sunlight or fossil fuels to provide a constant energy source. This renewable energy water heating technology will reduce home energy costs by up to 65% whilst providing steaming hot water all day and night.

Heat pumps do not require roof mounted thermal collectors and are therefore ideal for homes with limited available roof space or shaded by trees.

Key benefits of hot water heat pumps:

  • Reliable supply of hot water in any weather or time of day
  • Reduces power consumption and power bills
  • Improves energy efficiency of the home
  • Reduces emissions of harmful greenhouse gases
  • Compact footprint
There are two systems available in the Midea air source heat pump range with capacities of 170 litres and 280 litres.