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    Nekeema Australia Pty Ltd

    Chromagen Hot Water and Solar Solutions from Nekeema Australia

    Nekeema Australia are authorised dealers of Chromagen solar water solutions. The Chromagen range of products includes:
    • Solar Hot Water
    • PV Solar Power
    • Air Source Heat Pump
    • Gas Continuous Flow Water Heaters
    Solar Hot Water
    If you’re not using the sun to heat the hot water in your home, not only are you wasting your money, you’re also contributing to global warming. Old technology ‘conventional’ water heaters are mostly the biggest energy users in the home and can contribute up to 7 tonnes of greenhouse gas annually. Chromagen Solar Hot Water Systems feature:
    • All-copper design solar panels – the best conductor of heat with superior longevity
    • Stylish panels means no ugly bulge on your roof
    • Use the sun’s unlimited free energy to provide up to 90% of your hot water
    • 7 year warranty on storage tank and solar collectors
    PV Solar Power
    Solar electric panels generate electricity using the photovoltaic (PV) effect. The solar panels are fitted to your roof and convert light into solar electricity. This solar power electricity is fed through an inverter directly to the house and through a meter directly into the grid. If you are using less electricity than your panels generate, your solar energy system is feeding electricity back into the grid.
    • If you generate more solar power electricity than you use, the electricity company will pay you for the excess
    • Like having your own mini power station!
    Air Source Heat Pump
    A heat pump is another form of efficient water heating that can harvest the free energy from our plentiful air to efficiently heat your water. This renewable energy water heating technology will reduce home energy costs by up to 65%* whilst providing steaming hot water all day and night.
    • Heat pumps do not require roof mounted thermal collectors and are therefore ideal when available roof space is limited or shaded by trees.
    • Heat pumps utilise an ingenious technology to efficiently transfer thermal energy directly from the surrounding air, and so do not rely on the sunlight or fossil fuels to provide a constant energy source.
    Benefits include:
    • A reliable supply of hot water in any weather or time of day
    • Reduces power consumption and power bills
    • Improves the energy efficiency of your home
    • Reduces emissions of harmful greenhouse gases
    • Compact footprint
    Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water
    With world leading Japanese manufacturers expanding operations to include Australia, you can now have access to the best systems on the market at a lower price.
    • 6 Star Energy Rating – 6 star energy ratings with 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger and 3 years on all other parts including labour
    • Temperature pre-set models – Pre-set model means you can adhere to current regulations of temperature pre-set of 50Cmeans no tempering
    • valve necessary
    • Recess boxes – Also available for space-saving flush installation

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