A new shower nozzle developed by New Zealand company Felton in collaboration with CSIRO uses up to 50% less water while maintaining the sensation of full pressure.

According to Dr Jie Wu, a fluids specialist at CSIRO, the new Oxijet shower nozzle delivers the experience of a full flow shower using much less water. Oxijet shower nozzles could provide Australians with guilt-free showers over the hot, dry summer by simply adding air.

Different from traditional 'low flow' devices such as flow restrictors that reduce flow and pressure, Oxijet uses the flow energy to draw air into the water stream, making the water droplets hollow and expanding the volume of the shower stream to provide an enjoyable shower.

Though water restrictions and permanent water efficiency measures currently in place in all Australian states are reducing household water use, the prices are still going up, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Oxijet could provide a cost-effective way to reduce household water consumption, without affecting the quality of the shower.

The device was recently trialled by the 200-room Novotel Northbeach in Wollongong, which uses over 10 million litres of water per year. Based on the response of their guests who prefer Oxijet over other 'low flow' shower heads, the hotel plans to install it across all rooms.

Roger Marty, General Manager of Felton said CSIRO’s expertise was invaluable when developing Oxijet. While the concept of an aerated showerhead to save water is not new, the technology behind the Oxijet using an aerator insert allows it to work with existing showers. 

Oxijet can be fitted to most existing showerheads to provide an inexpensive ‘full flow’ shower, and is accredited by the Australian Watermark and Water Efficiency and Labelling Standards.

Oxijet will be distributed in Australia by Nekeema Australia Pty Ltd .