Available now from Nanokote , the Nanokote SOL range of porous mineral surface protectants is ideal for the safeguarding of mineral compounds, such as concrete and stone, against moisture damage while still allowing the surface to breathe.

Mineral compounds are the backbone of construction, with a significant presence in facades, pavers, roof tiles, render, and masonry surfaces, and various stone varieties such as sandstone and granite. Unfortunately, untreated porous mineral compounds are susceptible to moisture damage which can lead to the corrosion of steel reinforcement, and the growth of algae and moss on exterior surfaces.

Available in a water or solvent base, Nanokote SOL porous mineral surface protectants are single component, transparent penetrating Nanotechnology impregnation coatings that use molecular bonding with a mineral substrate to form a hydrophobic surface that protects the surface yet still allows it to breath.

Nanokote SOL porous mineral surface protectants will not alter the surface texture or make surfaces slippery, instead they will seal and protect surfaces from virtually anything the environment can throw at them. Resistant to abrasion, Nanokote SOL porous mineral surface protectants will provide long lasting protection and may in some cases even facilitate a self cleaning process.