Available from Nanokote , ProGuard is an organometallic coating that has been designed for use on highly stressed concrete surfaces. The coating addresses the demand for a new coating material this that fulfils new standards in safety in road tunnels.

ProGuard concrete coating helps to reduce pollution as well as increase tunnel safety by promoting reduced maintenance time with faster and easier cleaning with simple chemical free methods.

ProGuard helps the surface to resist environmental influences such as temperature, moisture, diesel soot and rubber abrasion. Additionally, because the coating lasts for 30 years, its will also protect the value of investment.

ProGuard is a hybrid coating that features and outstanding bond strength with substrates, offering long durability. It is also resistant to UV radiation and chemicals such as acids, bases and solvents.

With just a single coat required, ProGuard is suitable for a wide range of infrastructure including road and railway tunnels, bridges and road barriers.

ProGuard concrete coating is also suitable for use on:

  • Underpasses
  • Concrete walls
  • Engineering structures
  • Underground structures
  • Exposed concrete
  • Military buildings
  • Concrete facades; and
  • Ports