Nanokote enhances stainless steel and light metals. It enables permanent functionality such as self cleaning and exceptional corrosion protection. The pluses of these features for both manufacturers and end users are obvious.

Permanent anti corrosion coatings provide extreme chemical and abrasion resistance. They can significantly extend the life of metals, even in harsh environments. These metal coatings provide for low cost alternatives to PVDF and anodising as protection on aluminium.

This is ideal for application on aluminium cladding due to the cost down approach verses PVDF coatings and the additional self cleaning property.

These metal coatings can also provide anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch properties to metal finishing. Scratches and fingerprints become things of the past. They protect surfaces such as stainless steel and aluminium.

Surfaces coated with Nanokote's metal finishing can maintain a new appearance.