Window Cleaning Professionals Pty. Ltd. is a market leader in cleaning and maintaining complex and difficult to access sites.  Their capabilities and expertise has ensured a 100% safety record, even though building designers and architects continue to create new challenges to accessing facades and high rise glass.

The Window Cleaning Professionals have rigorously tested NanoCoat Clear glass protective coating from International Trading and Consulting (ITC) , and will now use this product to prevent outdoor glass from being damaged by salt, scale and air pollutants, as well as to make the glass easier to maintain. 

NanoCoat Clear is a protective coating for all types of glass.  It provides an invisible, water and dirt repellent barrier which prevents glass damage when exposed to harsh environmental conditions.  The non-stick, protective coating also minimises build up of foreign matter, resulting in glass remaining cleaner for a longer time. 

NanoCoat Clear glass protective coating has proven durability in severe environmental conditions.  This combined with experienced technical support from ITC, were the decisive reasons the Window Cleaning Professionals are now using this glass protection product. 

All types of glass can be treated with the NanoCoat Clear protective coating, e.g., windows, doors, showers, canopies, balustrades, pool fencing, louvres and skylights.