NanoCoat  supplier, International Trading & Consulting (ITC) has developed a new super adhesive liquid spray jointly with Redpoint Fasteners.
AP1, the all purpose spray adhesive is formulated for multipurpose use in indoor as well as outdoor environments, and is an industrial strength liquid adhesive suitable for diverse industries.
AP1 all purpose liquid rubber spray from ITC and Redpoint Fasteners is suitable for a wide range of applications, offering excellent bonding strength and flexibility on plastics, plasterboards, concrete, timber, glass, textiles, brick and rubber among others.
The high performance, industrial strength rubber adhesive spray is available in 500ml cans with a unique non-clog adjustable nozzle for ease of use.
Key features of AP1 all purpose liquid spray adhesive:
  • Strong and fast adhesion and sealing
  • Excellent resistance to mildew and heat
  • High weathering resistance
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications
  • UV stable
  • Retains elasticity
  • Air- and water-tight
  • Allows flexible adhesive sealing