NanoCoat  protective glass coating protects a range of external glass surfaces in various residential and commercial applications.
NanoCoat glass surface protection also works as the perfect long-term solution for keeping shower screen glass clean and free from soap scum and hard water mineral deposits.
Coating any glass surface, new or old with NanoCoat involves a quick, easy and hassle-free single application process that saves time and money and produces amazing results.
Manufactured in Germany, this unique glass surface protection system from NanoCoat uses cutting-edge nanotechnology to deliver unmatched quality and performance.
NanoCoat glass surface protection is used Australia-wide by commercial applicators as well as residential households to combat constant mineral damage caused by a wide range of factors including salt, chlorine, lime scale, hard water stains, dirt and grime.
On application, NanoCoat glass coating chemically bonds to the glass surface and is almost immediately effective in repelling water and foreign chemical build-up, delivering high levels of glass protection in Australia’s salty, coastal climate.
Invisible on the treated surface, the clear coating is also UV stable and will not alter the original clarity of the glass. The glass surface will continue to look and feel the same while staying cleaner for longer and reducing the maintenance cycle at times by up to 90%.
NanoCoat glass surface protective coating is also ideal for marine applications due to its proven longevity, and hardwearing properties in reducing salt build-up.